The loglo, overhead, marking out CSV-5 in twin contrails, is a body of electrical light made of innumerable cells, each cell designed in Manhattan by imagineers who make more for designing a single logo than a Deliverator will make in his entire lifetime. Despite their efforts to stand out, they all smear together, especially at 120 kilometers per hour.

Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson

Loglo is an experimental programming environment by Avi Bryant. It's currently focused on the narrow domain of producing SVG output to feed to a CNC machine or laser cutter.

Loglo integrates:

Loglo is a moving target; each version will introduce some new ideas, remove some old ones, and generally wreak havoc on anyone who was trying to actually use it for anything. (Luckily, I've deliberately avoided giving you any way to save your work, so that shouldn't be a problem).

I'd like to be able to show people the latest versions quickly, without losing track of the old ones; and I'd like to be able to document new ideas without having to comprehensively update documentation. So, here's what I'm going to try: this site will maintain working date-stamped versions of each release of Loglo, along with their release notes. The release notes will be the only form of documentation, and will mostly be written conversationally and assuming that the reader has been following along; so if you are new to Loglo, you'll have to start at the first release and come along for the whole journey in order to make sense of it.


You can also try the bleeding edge unstable version here.